1903 Toronto Fire Insurance Map

Simple online access to the Atlas of the City of Toronto by the Chas. E. Goad Company.

Atlas Editions available: 188418901893189919031910, 1913, 1924.
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Yes, I know that 1903 is technically not in the Victorian Age. I felt like setting it up anyway, as the 1903 revision is not available via the TPL. The 1903 revision is the 1890 edition with several years of revision stickers applied to it. Many maps are quite notable for their layered, pasted-up appearance. Enjoy!

Images for the 1903 Atlas courtesy of Library and Archives Canada.

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Toronto -- Central District
“Old City between Dufferin Street and Don, and North to C.P.R. Track”
Plate 2 Plate 3 Plate 4 Plate 5 Plate 6 Plate 7 Plate 8 Plate 9 Plate 10 Plate 11 Plate 12 Plate 13 Plate 14 Plate 15 Plate 16 Plate 17 Plate 18 Plate 19 Plate 20 Plate 21 Plate 22 Plate 23 Plate 24 Plate 25 Plate 26 Plate 27 Plate 28 Plate 29 Island of Hiawatha - Plate 30 Plate 31 Plate 32 Plate 33 Plate 34 Plate 35 Plate 49 Plate 36 Plate 47 Plate 46 Plate 50 Plate 48

Toronto -- Western District
“Parkdale (St. Alban’s), Brockton (St. Mark’s), West Toronto, Swansea, Etc.”
Plate 44 Plate 44 Plate 41 Plate 42 Plate 43 Plate 45 Plate 40

Toronto -- Northern District
“N. of C.P.R. Track, Deer Park, Davisville, Eglington (sic), Bracondale, Etc.”
Plate 31 Plate 32 Plate 35 Plate 36 Plate 33 Plate 34 Plate 37 Plate 38 Plate 50 Plate 1

Toronto -- Eastern District
“Riverside (St. Matthew’s), Chester, East Toronto, Norway, Etc.”
Plate 1 Plate 46 Plate 49 Plate 47 Plate 39 Plate 39

Atlas Title Page, Description, and Street Index
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Goad Atlas of Toronto 1903 revision
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Introductory Comments -- Note update sticker 
Key to Colours and Revisions
Table of Contents and Street Index
Street Index Cont'd
Street Index (III)
Revision slips page

To find out more about these maps, read: Goad’s Atlas of Toronto: Online!

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